NaturaPD™ 240-050BS

NaturaPD™ 240-050BS

Latex, Powdered, 5g Disposable Gloves

Main Industries

Hair & Beauty

Laboratory & Pharmaceutical


Provides maximum sensitivity, dexterity and comfort

Beaded cuff for additional strength and to prevent liquid roll back

Chlorination done to reduce the risk of product contamination

Extra length provides more protection to the arm

USDA approved Cotton Starch has been used for inner surface

Powdered inner surface absorbs sweat whilst keeping hand dry and comfortable

Glove Type


Disposable Gloves

Clean Room Gloves

Salon & Spa Gloves





Material Latex
Length 240 mm
Weight 5.0 g
Cuff Finish Beaded
Colour Natural
Interior Finish Powdered
Grip Smooth
Sterilization Non Sterilised
Packing Description 100 pcs per dispenser box1,000 pcs per carton


  • CE Cat iii certificate
  • CE Class i (Medical Devices Regulation)
  • EN 420:2003
  • EN 374-1: 2016 (OPT) (Type B)
  • EN 374-2:2014
  • EN 374-5:2016
  • EU Regulation 10/2011 – Food Migration
  • EN 455-1:2000 (Freedom from Holes)
  • EN 455-2:2009 (Strength)
  • EN 455-2:2009 (Dimensions)
  • EN 455-3:2015 (Extractable Protein Content)
  • BS EN ISO 21171:2006 (Residual Powder Content)


Sizes - S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Enhancements - N/A


Illustration by: BHgahmFxpQz7q2jNdbPXgL